About Us

WATERFUL is a brand created with the future in mind. By providing an eco-friendly alternative to traditional bottled water, we help take the first step towards conscious drinking. This global trend, which is rapidly gaining momentum around the world, helps to reduce the harm done to the environment.


To become the right choice of drinking water for people who care about their health and the health of the planet.


The quality and quantity of water consumed has a significant impact on human health. Therefore, we pay so much attention to preserving the natural structure of spring water and do not use a reverse osmosis system.


Family and family values are a priority for the brand. The skills of a conscious attitude to consumption can be actively instilled in children from an early age.


We are interested in preserving the entire ecosystem on the planet, both at the level of the producer and at the level of the consumer. Therefore, we optimize technological processes, which allows us to minimize CO2 emissions. The cardboard used in the packaging is produced only from trees growing in areas subject to reforestation. Our packaging helps preserve the natural structure of the water and is fully recyclable if properly disposed of.

Who chooses us

People with progressive views who are ready to study upcoming trends, get acquainted with innovations and try new things. They care about their health and the health of the planet.