Waterful is an innovative product for Russian market. 100% natural spring water. Thanks to a unique gentle filtration system and aseptic packaging, our water preserves all its natural qualities, has an excellent mineral balance and pleasant refreshing taste. We constantly monitor our water’s nutrient levels and purity to maintain highest quality standards.


To become the right choice for people who care about their health and the health of our planet.


Open-minded people who are willing to explore future trends, get acquainted with innovation and not afraid to try new things. Individuals who care about their health, wellbeing of their loved ones and future of our planet.



The quality and amount of consumed water has a significant impact on human health. Therefore, we pay so much attention to maintain the highest quality standards and make  sure our water preserves its natural structure.


The priority of our brand are family and family values. We truly believe that conscious consumption skills can be taught from an early age.


We as a manufacturer and as a consumer are invested in preserving our planet’s ecosystem, that is why we keep improving technological processes to minimize CO2 emission. Our package carton is manufactured of the trees located in forest restoration zones. Our package helps to preserve water’s natural structure and is 100% recyclable.
Producer: ООО «AS GRUPP»,
115419, Moscow, 2nd Roshinsky drive, 8, floor 5, 507 space
Phone: +7 495 225 57 53
Producer: ООО «AS GRUPP», Russian Federation,Stavropol territory, Petrovskiy area, Suhaya Buyvola village, 400 m west to house № 201 on Krasnaya st.
Phone: +7 495 225 57 53