Personal Data Processing Policy

Personal data processing consent

You as the personal data subject hereby give OOO “AS GRUPP”, Moscow, 2nd Roshinsky drive, 8, floor 5, room 507, postal code – 115419, (the Operator) – your consent to process your personal data.

OOO “AS GRUPP” processes personal data for marketing purposes and to contact the customer in order to notify, request or provide information concerning sale of goods, and also to be able to process customer’s requests and enquiries.

You hereby give your consent to process the following information:
· ​​name;
·​ place of residence;
·​ ​contact information (phone number, email address);
·​ s​old products and provided services data;

You consent to the Operator processing the above personal data for the following purposes:
·​ ​Collection;
·​ ​Recording;
·​ O​ rganisation;
·​ A​ ccumulation;
· ​​Storage;
·​ ​Detailing (renewal, changing);
·​ E​ xtraction;
·​ U​ sage;
· ​​Transfer (dissemination, providing, access);
· ​​Anonymization;
· ​​Deletion;
·​ ​Termination;

The Operator is conducting the data processing procedure both manually and automatically, including the use of information and telecommunication networks. The data processing will be processed by the Operator both manually and automatically.

This consent shall come into effect from the moment of filing in the form on the web page or the signing of the contract and shall continue in full force and effect for 5 years after the full discharge of obligations according to all expired loan agreements, made with OOO «AS GRUPP».

This consent can be revoked:
1) through a judicial action;
2) through the notary;
3) via email sent to the address: ​hello@waterful. ru,​ or
4) by registered post with a confirmation receipt, or
5) by serving the claim against the signed recipe to the agent of the Operator, acting on behalf or in favor of it.

I hereby confirm that giving this consent ​I am acting freely and on my behalf.

Producer: ООО «AS GRUPP»,
115419, Moscow, 2nd Roshinsky drive, 8, floor 5, 507 space
Phone: +7 495 225 57 53
Producer: ООО «AS GRUPP», Russian Federation,Stavropol territory, Petrovskiy area, Suhaya Buyvola village, 400 m west to house № 201 on Krasnaya st.
Phone: +7 495 225 57 53